In Race for COVID-19 Cure, FNTS Helps Folding@home Power the World’s Fastest Supercomputer

FNTS, a leading cloud and IT managed services provider in Omaha, Nebraska, is helping power the fastest supercomputer in the world through a computing project committed to tackling COVID-19.

In February 2019, FNTS began providing in-kind technology support to Folding@home, a research project that uses donated computing power to analyze and fight diseases that result from protein misfolding and mutations inside our body. Humans rely on proteins to live, but when they misfold or misbehave, there can be serious health consequences like cancer and heart disease.

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Countdown to GDPR: Free Webinar to Guide Businesses to Compliance

Company leaders worldwide are taking measures to ensure they will be in compliance with a new and far-reaching law aimed at protecting European citizens from privacy and data breaches. General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), a data privacy law adopted by the European Union taking effect May 25, 2018, is one of the largest changes in data protection and privacy regulations. GDPR builds upon existing principals set forth in the Data Protection Act and puts tighter obligations and restrictions on data controllers and data processors.

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When Every Second Counts, SAP Cloud Platform Solutions Save

Every second counts in the business sector. Real-time data solutions are necessary in assisting company leaders in business decisions to stay competitive, relevant and accessible. SAP and SAP HANA are completely re-imagined cloud platform solutions that provide live data for real-time business.

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