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Webinar: Building a Cloud Security Strategy on a Budget

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In today’s cloud-first world, businesses are continually turning to technology to stay competitive and keep up with customer demands. Technology is faster and more functional than ever, resulting in new and craftier cyber threats, but organizations often don’t have hefty cybersecurity budgets needed to prevent risks.

I recently was provided the opportunity to speak at two cybersecurity events, Interop ITX in Las Vegas and ISACA’s North America CACS Conference in Chicago. These were both rewarding experiences, which allowed me share my insights on how businesses can fine tune their security initiatives without compromising their budgets. Below are a few key takeaways from my presentation at these events:

  • Organizations typically turn to technology to solve their security and operational problems, but tech is not the underlying issue, it’s understanding the problems.
  • Security is no longer the biggest hindrance for moving to the cloud, it’s the lack of knowledgeable employees that a company has in-house. The IT language changes frequently and it can be difficult to reinforce training and maintain a budget if it isn’t part of an existing strategy.
  • Open-mindedness is important when building a cloud operating model before making big strides to migrate cloud. After identifying the organization’s risk appetite, company leaders can apply existing security strategies and tools to protect data in the cloud.
  • To improve business function, form comfortable working relationships with colleagues in other departments. When undergoing a business transformation, all departments can and should be involved. If there are not solid working relationships to leverage, something will be missed and the company will not be in good alignment.

Watch my webinar to learn some actionable steps, from goals to approval to implementation, and find out how to ensure your cloud migration can result in ROI.

There were some intriguing presentations at both Interop ITX and North America CACS and it was great to witness the high energy at each of these events as the latest trends were discussed. Cybersecurity will continue to be top of mind and it will become more important than ever. There will always be new threats and vulnerabilities that will arise. Cybersecurity should never be taken lightly. It impacts every component of an organization, reduces the risk of a large fine or loss of consumer confidence and enables businesses to have a competitive advantage.

Threats are becoming more sophisticated. There is a change from phishing and ransomware threats to cryptojacking, which preys on insecure web applications or servers that are exposed to the internet or are on an internal network. Instead of hackers rendering a device unusable, they’re planting code on the back end to use and consume resources without your knowledge. There is a rise these attacks, as well as the scanning and probing of misconfigured public cloud instances. One of the most shocking trends is the continued misperception of responsibility during a public cloud migration. There can be a large gap in operating procedures if requirements and what protection mechanisms aren’t in place

Events like Interop ITX and CACS are very beneficial to IT professionals. When great minds unite to discuss experiences, unique solutions are shared, which can translate to business and help organizations fill gaps and anticipate new problems. One thought that resonated with me was how forcibly disrupting the way we think can help us predict the future. Forgetting everything we assume and getting out of our comfort zone to incorporate diverse backgrounds and insights can lead to future solutions.

If you have any questions after watching my webinar and would like to discuss cloud migration strategies, please contact me at RLaMagna-Reiter@fnts.com.