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What are your best tips to companies about security for their mobile devices?

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The most important thing for a company is to have a plan. Without it, you will be playing catch up as employees bring their own mobile devices into work. Make sure you understand what data must be protected and the storage requirements necessary for it. There are many types of data ranging from intellectual property to protected customer information such as personal financial information, customer credit card data (PCI), or protected health information (HIPAA). Each of these may require different levels of control/protection. In addition to information protected by laws and regulations, your contractual relationships may determine how data is accessed and where it is stored. Control and protection of information may range from basic vendor management, encryption of data at rest, to prohibited devices. [Note: If you have PCI or HIPAA requirements it is best to discuss this with a PCI or HIPAA expert.]

A local newspaper recently asked the First National Technology Solutions Director of Information Security a series of three questions with regard to best practices for mobile devices and company security.  This is the first of three blogs in this series.

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