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What is Elastic Cloud Storage?

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Tim Stephenson is working on big things at First National Technology Solutions. For one, he’s trying to incorporate elastic cloud storage into the FNTS data center. 

“We’re going to be trying to put the elastic cloud storage from EMC into the environment. What that does is that it provides a much less expensive archive tier of storage,” says Stephenson.

What’s special about the elastic cloud storage system is that it deals with those pesky files that haven’t been utilized in a while, and therefore clog up the system. Specifically, it allows rules and policies to be set, and plugged into the environment that will automatically run in the background. If a file that falls under the set stipulations is detected, then it is moved to the elastic cloud storage device.

This new destination for the files, though somewhat slower, is also less expensive. Though in a new location, the files will still be accessible, as they won’t be deleted. Given that a majority of the files transferred over are ones that are rarely accessed, it’s a worthwhile tradeoff. “It’s transparent to the end user, but it saves the company money, and allows a service to offer to our customers,” said Stephenson.

To learn more about other cloud services FNTS offers, check out https://www.fnts.com/cloud

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(Blog written by Jamey Schilling, Marketing Intern and Marquette University Student)