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What’s in a Name?

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Have you ever played the game in which you stare at clouds, determining what animal they best resemble? Gorilla? Dog? Horse?

My kids typically don’t like to play this game with me because I usually see servers, routers or storage arrays.

Dog or storage array? Dog or storage array?

Often I hear, “We don’t know what that means” and even more frequently, “You’re a dork, Dad.” I politely correct them, I’m not a dork- I’m a geek. More specifically: a computer geek.

It’s pretty hard not to see infrastructure in the sky when everybody in IT is talking about “The Cloud.” Does anybody really know what “The Cloud” means?

You can move your desktop, your phone service, your applications, your servers, your mainframe your music, your pictures, and your network to “The Cloud”. Today, just about anything can be virtualized and moved to “The Cloud”.

So why is it that we call virtualization moving to “The Cloud”? Can’t we come up a name which can better describe the ability to virtualize workloads and move that workload around to just about anywhere? Why can’t we just call it what it is, “Virtualize your Workload and Move it to a Virtual Platform”? That’s way cooler, right?

Okay, maybe that is a little confusing, ambiguous and not as catchy but, in my opinion, better than calling this process of virtualizing moving to “The Cloud.” But I suppose there’s a reason I’m a computer geek and not a marketing one.