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When Every Second Counts, SAP Cloud Platform Solutions Save

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Every second counts in the business sector. Real-time data solutions are necessary in assisting company leaders in business decisions to stay competitive, relevant and accessible. SAP and SAP HANA are completely re-imagined cloud platform solutions that provide live data for real-time business.

 SAP, which stands for Systems, Applications and Products in data processing, is the world’s third largest independent software manufacturer. The cost to house SAP operations can be expensive for organizations, making partnerships between managed services providers necessary in ensuring customers have access to both hardware and support.1st Basis Logo.png

1st Basis and First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) became service partners to accommodate the growing number of businesses relying on accelerated analysis, reporting and processes. Cutting the lack of delay between insight and action allows companies, especially in the healthcare, retail, software and manufacturing industries, to make smarter and faster business decisions. 

SAP solutions are growing in popularity due their ability to streamline transactions, analytics, planning and data processing on single In-Memory Databases (IMDB). The promise and potential of IMDB can result in receiving nearly unlimited information instantly, and there is no need for processing overnight or weekly to get insight on business. SAP software provides real-time information that some enterprises require. For example, the mining industry can receive real-time oil temperatures in mining equipment engines. 1st Basis utilizes this level of automation and innovation to guarantee its customers maximum ROI on their SAP investment.

Aside from saving on costs and having faster transactions, SAP solutions are highly sustainable and offer multi-user concurrency, meaning many users can access data at the same time. Data is kept and manipulated in an arrangement used by the application, which removes overheads related to conversion and caching.

1st Basis, which provides affordable, flexible, high-quality consulting, chose FNTS to host its SAP HANA hardware because FNTS was one of the first managed services providers to specialize in SAP-certified hosting and has multiple platforms, including the AS400, a stable server that stores apps. The partnership allows both companies to successfully migrate, monitor and manage clients’ SAP environments.