Why do I need to know anything about business? I’m in IT!


This is the question that was asked of me a few weeks ago by a graduate student in an MIS program. And my response was "How can you support a business if you don't have any understanding of it? How can you sit in a room with a client and translate their business process needs into technical terms and solutions without actually understanding their business in the first place?”.  The light bulb went off and they said, “I get it now”.

Understanding a client's business is key to understanding how you can help them create and design a solution.  You don’t have to be a subject matter expert on the inner workings of every client’s offerings, but you do need to have a basic understanding of what their focus and goals are, what the IT culture is like, and makes the business a success in its field. 

Every business has key partnerships, key relationships, and key channels within their business segment model.  This model and principal entities form and shape a company’s strategic approach to solving their customer problems….because your customer is trying to solve THEIR customer’s needs….just like you are.  In order to do this efficiently and intelligently, any technical provider must educate themselves on their client’s fundamental goals and targeted outcomes. 

At FNTS, we strive to do just that.  Every team member that will touch a client’s system is provided background information about the client and their business strategy.  We are encouraged to check out any websites and read any Mission Statements that are available in order to get an idea of what this company is trying to achieve through their IT platforms.  This knowledge helps us to partner with our clients to help support their IT requirements.  We understand the importance of knowing a business’s strategic goals and we do our best to help them by providing an IT infrastructure that will support those activities. 

FNTS provides the IT solutions and managed services so you can focus on your business – and its future.

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