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Why First National Technology Solutions?

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This is always a tough question for me.  I personally think First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) has great products, services and exceptional engineers.  I am also an employee of FNTS so it’s possible my judgment is skewed. I asked one of our current customers the question and here are his responses:

  • Flexibility to tailor services to the specific need of the client. FNTS does not make customers fit into a box.  We listen to what the business need is and tailor the solution to fit them.
  • Single point of contact during implementation and then ongoing Account Management.  FNTS assigns each customer a Project Manager to transition through migration and then a dedicated Services account Manager to be the single point of contact for ongoing customer relations.
  • FNTS Subject Matter Experts are accessible and part of the transition and support team.  FNTS does not hide our engineers.  They are an active part of the team, providing guidance and support throughout.
  • Cost Model and Services are straight forward and align easily to customer needs.
  • Sales engagement model involves input from engineers and senior sales management to provide direct answers and decisions without drawn out engagement time.
  • FNTS has a culture of client partnering and attitude of pro-actively providing business/solution fit recommendations that is prevalent throughout the engagement model.

So I guess from now on when asked the question “Why FNTS?” I will point to this response and then ask, “Why not?”

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