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World Class Protection: the FNTS data center

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A crucial element of all data centers is a secure environment so data isn’t put in harm’s way. Whether it be natural or otherwise, accidents happen, and a well-protected data center can greatly help reduce the chance of damage. At First National Technology Solutions (FNTS), data has never been safer thanks to one of the most technologically advanced centers in America.

As the old saying goes, “location location location.” FNTS’ data center certainly lives up to this quote by offering an important location for data storage. Being housed in the Midwest offers safety from many natural disasters. While tornadoes are certainly still a possibility, the data center doesn’t face any risk of tsunami or hurricane damage since it’s not located on the coast.  

Now about those tornadoes…“it’s built to basically withstand enough for a tornado” said Tim Stephenson, a senior sales engineer at FNTS. He explained how both the walls and the floors of the data center are made of 24’’ thick rebar reinforced concrete. The roof however is made of two different layers for a combined thickness of three feet. “It makes it a very hard building to mess with, it even makes it hard to run wires sometimes,” Stephenson joked.

Deep within the FNTS building, one can find the data center itself. The center itself is actually a bunker within the building, which is likewise protected by a 24’’ concrete wall.

Even the windows in the human habitable part of the data center are designed with safety in mind. It’s designed to take 200 miles an hour plus winds, and is even capable of withstanding impact from flying debris at 150 miles per hour or better.

If that wasn’t enough, the building also features a dry moat designed to prevent human and vehicle traffic from causing damage to the building or its contents. The dry moat is a whole 30 feet from the main building, and also features 24’’ concrete walls.

While a moat and massive walls may draw similarities to a medieval castle, it’s actually simply the First National Technology Solutions data center. While the moat prevents human, vehicle and knight traffic, it’s still to be determined whether it can withstand a fire breathing dragon. The way the building is constructed though, I think it would be just fine.

To find out more about the data center, check out the video below!