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Make critical decisions about your cloud spend in minutes by leveraging automation and intelligence to find the right cloud platform for your data.  By leveraging this vendor-agnostic tool, you can customize and create a multi-cloud plan unique to your business technology, security, and budget requirements.

Step 1

Identify the business drivers and types of workloads you are moving to the cloud.  

Business Drivers


Step 2

Based on your workloads and the driving interest described above, not define a configuration that meets your technical requirements 

Workload Requirements (Type and Scale)

Step 3

Compliance and security are critical components of your infrastructure, select the requirements that meet your business requirements. 

Workload Security and Service Level

Which concerns, if any, are essential for your application workload?

Select an option

Step 4

Click on the Generate Scorecard button below and fill in the necessary information to view the recommended cloud deployment options. 

Reveal Your Options

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