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FNTS Helps Organizations Get to Market Faster and Cost-Effectively with IBM Cloud

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FNTS, a managed services provider to organizations nationwide, has added IBM Cloud to its lineup of services that help organizations get to market faster and more securely.

IBM Cloud is the most secure and open cloud for business, supporting Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service cloud models through a suite of more than 200 cloud computing services that include AI, analytics, compute resources, containerization, VMware, SAP, networking, storage, management, security, database, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, integration and cloud migration tools.

“These enterprise-grade services enable users to scale and shrink resources as needed, reducing up-front capital expenditures of owning on-prem infrastructure,” said FNTS President Kim Whittaker.

A strategic IBM partner for more than 20 years, FNTS is a value-added reseller of IBM Cloud. FNTS not only optimizes and accelerates business journeys to the cloud, but the company’s cloud experts also become trusted advisors that ensure client cloud consumption aligns with their budget. On average, FNTS helps organizations save 10-20% on IBM Cloud subscriptions.

“We understand the complex enterprise applications of our clients by assessing their business and technical requirements to identify the best cloud computing subscription for their applications. By helping them find the right fit without oversubscribing, we help organizations reduce their spend and meet financial objectives,” Whittaker said.

IBM Cloud provides the highest level of security and specializes in regulated workloads and industry-focused cloud services. All the world’s largest banks and 94% of Fortune 50 companies run their business on IBM Cloud, which integrates seamlessly with hybrid cloud models by allowing the management of multiple cloud environments, regardless of provider.

In addition to IBM Cloud, FNTS also offers the following cloud services: Mainframe-as-a-Service, IBM i Cloud, IBM AIX Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Healthcare Cloud, Azure Public Cloud and FNTS Cloud, a private cloud fueled by VMware.

For more information on IBM Cloud, visit www.fnts.com/cloud/ibm-cloud.

About FNTS
As a nationally recognized trusted advisor in managed IT services for close to 30 years, FNTS has a proven history of modernizing mainframe environments, along with a wide range of operating systems including: Windows, Linux, AIX and IBM i. FNTS also has a passion for all things multi-cloud and provides flexible, industry-specific cloud solutions, with a continued focus on orchestrating agility, transparency and IT optimization for our customers, all while keeping cost containment top-of-mind. With an elevated security posture consisting of layered security solutions, FNTS specializes in partnering with customers in highly regulated and compliance-driven industries.

FNTS operates one of the most secure, technically advanced data centers in the United States, where the full scope of its operations is based. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, FNTS is a subsidiary of First National of Nebraska (FNNI). FNNI and its affiliates have $30 billion in assets and nearly 5,000 employee associates.