Cyberthreats are unfortunately the new norm for business risks.


An infosec program specifically created for small–medium sized businesses.

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The First Protector package includes:


Multi Factor Authentication

  • Verify the identity of all users before granting access to corporate or SaaS applications to protect against phishing and other access threats.

Email Protection

  • Secures most common entry point for malicious URL’s, malware, phishing & social engineering.
  • Extra layer of defense & optional encryption.

Next-Gen Endpoint Protection

  • Prevents malware, exploits & ransomware through technique & behavior monitoring, machine learning & AI to respond to sophisticated attacks, as well as WildFire to enhance accuracy & coverage.

Cloud-Based Next-Gen Firewall

  • Cloud-Based Next-Gen Firewall, fully managed by FNTS, providing URL filtering & basic protection.
  • Seamless scalability (remote/VPN) & enablement of additional next-gen services.
  • Includes protection up to 50mbps Internet bandwidth.


  • Scanning of up to 100 internal and external assets looking for vulnerabilities and access points.
  • Detailed executive report that can be leveraged to set strategy and funding prioritization.
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Cyber Insurance Option

  • Up to $1M in Cyber Insurance to help address costs and business disruption of a breach.
  • 24/7 Incident response hotline. Access to a team of security professionals that will help confirm a potential breach and help mitigate data loss.

Sold in bundles of 1-100 seats. Lead time for delivery is fifteen (15) business days from availability date and customer provided configuration information. Contingent upon availability and configuration of required infrastructure.