Like most organizations, a leading municipal utilities company faced significant challenges with their legacy IT infrastructure, including aging hardware, unsupported and out-of-date software, and expensive maintenance costs. However, despite these challenges, they knew that migrating to more modern technology would be a difficult journey filled with plenty of unknowns.  

To aid in this process, the company turned to FNTS for project management, consulting, and disaster recovery services—resulting in significant cost savings and a seamless migration to a fully scalable infrastructure.

This case study dives into how the municipal utilities company leveraged the expertise, professionalism, and personalized attention from FNTS to:

  • Make a complete transition to an infrastructure-as-a-service cloud model

  • Realize a total cost avoidance of over $5 million

  • Enhance their disaster recovery preparedness by moving their data to a secure, scalable, and advanced data center

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