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FNTS Launches Desktop-as-a-Service to Help Organizations Increase Remote Workforce Productivity

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FNTS, a trusted advisor in multi-cloud solutions and managed IT services, has introduced its Desktop-as-a-Service offering, powered by Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure. The comprehensive desktop and application virtualization service enables remote capabilities for business workforces across the country regardless of location, device or time of day.

“This year, there has been an influx of employees working remotely and at all hours of the day. Remote work through Desktop-as-a-Service is easy to use and allows employees to function no differently than if they were in the office,” FNTS Field Chief Technology Officer Chris Williamson said. “FNTS’ Desktop-as-a-Service brings the value of the Microsoft Azure cloud to devices by providing immediate, secure and scalable remote access to desktops, modern applications and shared company resources. This is an ideal approach to protect privacy and maximize collaboration and productivity in hybrid and blended work environments.”

With FNTS’ Desktop-as-a-Service, applications and resources can be accessed across a variety of devices, such as laptops, desktops, tablets and phones, providing more freedom in how and when you work. Other productivity benefits include:

  • A multi-session Windows 10 experience, only available through Microsoft Azure.
  • Optimizations for Microsoft 365 that offer access to the entire Office 365 suite and Microsoft 365 applications, including Microsoft Teams for video conferencing – dependent upon device support.
  • Access to local printing and audio and video redirection – dependent upon device support.
  • Optional built-in security and compliance features, including Azure Security Center, multi-factor authentication, role-based access controls, audit logging, identity management and more.
  • Ease of management by eliminating hardware infrastructure and licensing costs.
  • A simplified administrative plane to manage users and security.
  • Security-first support after implementation with proactive monitoring of environments to ensure high levels of availability and service levels are achieved.

“Companies want to be more flexible for their employees. So they’re excited about being able to deliver a ‘desktop anywhere’ with Windows Virtual Desktop,” Microsoft Corporate Vice President Gavriella Schuster said. “It’s something customers have wanted for more than a decade. And partners can now deliver it without all the heavy capital investment.”

FNTS is a Microsoft Gold Partner. Its Desktop-as-a-Service offering provides a high-quality and high-availability user experience with simplified infrastructure management that reduces technical complexities and increases cost savings through autoscaling. Autoscaling allows organizations to scale back resources when demand is low and cap costs or increase resources when demand is high.

“FNTS takes an organization’s specific business requirements into consideration when developing the best technical solutions to enable a remote workforce. We review these solutions with the organization to ensure their team members understand the technology, implementation approach and timeline. A dedicated project team stays in constant communication, empowering them to ramp-up quickly and gain immediate value,” Williamson said.

After implementation, and while organizations focus on collaboration and keeping business operations going, FNTS works to keep behind-the-scenes aspects running efficiently through a security-first approach that consists of ongoing first-name-basis support and proactive monitoring of environments to ensure high availability and service levels are achieved.

For more information, visit www.fnts.com/cloud/windows-virtual-desktop.