81% of organizational data is lost, disclosed, and often times businesses don't even know the data is missing.      

Who should get an IT Risk and Security Assessment?  Every Business.

  • If you store any customer data or have business critical operating systems that need to be protected from attacks    
  • Do you need to comply with industry regulations and compliance standards  
  • Are you using cloud platforms, both private and public (AWS and Azure)  

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you could have hidden risks within your environment threatening to compromise your business.

Why should you get an IT Risk and Security Assessment? 

  • Stop revenue leakage. Over 90% of IT risk assessments uncover some form of data leakage or security gap   
  • Mitigate risk. 80% of businesses who get an FNTS security assessment are prepared for a breach with a cybersecurity incident response plan for when an incident occurs
  • Eliminate data loss. Combat IT sprawl and uncover shadow IT for a complete snapshot and audit of your IT environment  

Four Easy Steps to Complete Your IT Risk and Security Assessment 

  • Step One - complete the form on this page to set up an initial call 
  • Step Two - scoping call and set up
  • Step Three - run the assessment 
  • Step Four - receive an in-depth analysis and full security viability score 

You are seconds away from completing step one, what are you waiting for, complete for form now. 

If you have questions about the assessment, we are here to help, call 800.820.6924. 



STEP ONE: Complete the Form

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