On-demand Webinar: Software Defined Data Center

Accelerate Modernization with and End-to-End Solution 

FNTS and EMC experts address the top challenges facing IT leaders today: responding to digital demands while reducing costs, risk and complexity.

On-demand Webinar and Live Demonstration 

As organizations continue to modernize their data centers and move toward more agile infrastructure, the need for automation, streamlined administration, and cost efficiencies has grown. This on-demand webinar covers important topics facing IT leaders, including:

  • Demonstration on software defined SDDR technology including IaaS configurations and application services  
  • Best practices for cross-cloud architecture for cloud portability and interoperability  in hybrid cloud environments
  • Effectively working with multiple cloud providers to turn provisioning into minutes, not hours or days
  • Ways to build a roadmap to leverage software defined technology with you budget

Whether you already have a multi-cloud environment or are migrating to the cloud, this webinar will help you achieve your cloud business goals. Access the on-demand webinar by filling out the form today.


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