In today’s digital landscape, it’s no secret that technology is now a requirement for organizations to thrive. Technology certainly brings improved efficiencies; unfortunately, it also opens the door to potential vulnerabilities that once did not exist.

To remain at the forefront, IT security must be considered one of the foundations on which a business is built—and to do it effectively, it must garner as much attention as developing new products, growing revenue, or implementing innovative procedures.

Because threats to an organization’s IT infrastructure are continuously evolving, developing a multifaceted cybersecurity portfolio can seem like an impossible feat.

The CTO’s Toolkit: Building Your Cybersecurity Portfolio with Security as a Service will challenge you to think differently about cybersecurity and empower you to optimize your strategy with confidence.

In this toolkit, you’ll learn:

  • The common security challenges that threaten organizations today

  • Who is behind cyberattacks, the tactics they use, and how to detect them

  • The impact managed security service providers can have on your cybersecurity portfolio

  • Tips on how to assess a managed security service provider

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