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Business Done Right

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“What is it exactly that you do as an intern for First National Technology Solutions?” I get the question from my friends about as regularly as I see a Nebraska football shirt when I’m walking around downtown, a lot. For me, there’s not a specific answer to that question, which I love.

This job allows me to gain experience in so many different areas that every day is a new adventure. This summer I’ve filmed, produced and edited videos documenting FNTS’ initiatives, written countless articles, and even designed stickers to be put on candy to be distributed for social media initiatives. I’ve done this all the while learning about the industry FNTS is involved in. I’ve been able to learn about a variety of platforms including Influitive, Hubspot, Salesforce, and a variety of other software. In short, I learn something new just about every day.

Perhaps more important however, I’ve gained first-hand experience of how business is done right. From account managers, system architects, to the system engineers, everyone I work with takes extreme pride in what they do. This means making sure to get the job done right, while ensuring the customer’s needs are met. As a young professional, it's important to have good influences all around me as I look to dive into the business world.

Delving in a bit further, it is the people that makes this such a fantastic internship. One of the things I noticed since I started last year was that I felt welcomed immediately. That hasn't changed a bit in my second year at FNTS. Thus far I’ve been invited me to go golfing, discussed the NBA, and even talked about 3D printing with my fellow coworkers. It's a unique experience, and one that I'm fortunate to have.

Learning every day, and working alongside great coworkers, that’s the FNTS difference, and that’s why I love working for this company. 

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