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Cloud Myths Uncovered

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A widely held but false belief or idea, otherwise known as a myth.  Even though myths are untrue they are sometimes the hardest believe to dispel and prove wrong.  As the evolution of cloud technology has grown into the IT phenomenon it is today many myths have come to fruition, and here are a few. 

1. Cloud is the cheapest option. FALSE!  If your first reason to move the cloud is because it is a lower cost option then you will disappointed.  Agility is among the top reasons businesses implement cloud technology, however cost does play a part (reduce hardware fees, pay for what you use, etc.) it is just not the largest component.

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2. If you don’t have cloud – you’re behind.  WRONG!  Cloud technology provides businesses with the freedom to do many things, however it is not always the solution for everything or every business.

3. A cloud strategy is the best strategy.  WRONG AGAIN!  Cloud could be a great component of your overall strategy but it does not have to be your entire strategy.  Just as your IT environment and business is diverse, so should your strategic plan.

4. Cloud = 100% Outsourcing.  NOPE!  While many cloud providers offer managed services as an option, it doesn’t mean you have to outsource your entire environment.

While everyone loves a good myth, reality remains the best course of action at the end of the day.  What cloud myths have you encountered and reality overturned?  Learn more about cloud by downloading one of our white papers today. 

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