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[Case Study] In Need of a HIPAA-Compliant IT Solution? Here’s What One Leading Software Company Did to Sustain Growth

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HIPAA-Compliant IT Solution

When a large healthcare provider saw the writing on the wall that their existing IT infrastructure, data center, and systems were not enough to keep pace with their projected growth and compliance requirements, they knew something had to change. With the help of FNTS, they successfully moved their legacy data center to the cloud and laid the technical foundation for responsive operations for decades to come. 

Their story is unique, but challenges like theirs have often been overcome with the support of managed services and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions. In fact, RightScale found that 94 percent of their survey respondents use the cloud in some way. These services can enable an organization’s IT platform to be agile and respond in a scalable way to their operational needs in near-real time. They also tap into the deep industry experience of professionals like those at FNTS, providing 24/7 support with exceptional availability metrics.

Whatever the motivating factor, the shift to managed services and the cloud is undeniably a way to respond to growing customer demands. So how does your organization’s own situation compare to that of this recent FNTS customer?

Common Operational Challenges

Utilizing managed services and the cloud can seem like an overwhelming concept given the diversity of providers, technologies, and ways to approach the migration. However, much like the healthcare provider, your organization’s unique requirements are the place to begin to define your search for the right solution and ultimately the timeline and path to make it happen. 

Each organization has its own compliance, availability, and hardware and software compatibility must-haves, as well as concerns about flexibility for future growth in data storage, technology scalability, and access to technical support. Additionally, concerns about the reliability of existing data centers, disaster recovery capabilities, rising hardware costs, and security incident protection and response are often motivating factors that make a move to managed services appealing. 

What a Managed Services Provider Can Deliver

Combining managed services and IaaS so that virtualized computing resources are hosted remotely and supported and maintained to meet both industry standards and your organization’s unique needs is a powerful way to bolster your business with a strong IT platform. 

Leveraging the experience of managed services providers like FNTS, organizations are able to migrate their on-premises data centers and application services to the cloud. Once the migration is complete, managed services providers can support your organization with around-the-clock technical support, patching, maintenance, preparation for other cloud services like Microsoft Office 365, and enhanced reporting, tracking, and security monitoring. 

Ultimately, IaaS with managed services support removes the need for an organization to directly manage their virtual resources, but allows them to maintain the control they need to expand while still managing costs. 

Taking the Next Step

Taking advantage of IaaS with managed services support is a common model used to transition existing applications and services to the cloud. In doing so, organizations just like FNTS’s customer are able to consolidate multiple costly data centers into virtual, compliant, and completely supported cloud environments. This model then unlocks the ability for organizations to take advantage of new technologies and services as they become available, be positioned for future growth, and give IT staff the ability to focus on implementing business strategy instead of just keeping the lights on.

Experiences and results like those of FNTS’s healthcare customer are not unique and can be realized for your organization’s specific needs, too. Read the entire case study here to learn more about how we can help. 

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