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Contract flexibility: finding a good fit for both parties

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First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) prides itself on being on the cutting edge of both technology, and the industry. In negotiating contracts with clients, the very same is true. Here’s how contract negotiation is different with FNTS:

Contract negotiation flexibility: At FNTS, clients have the ability to make modifications during the process, to make sure the terms and conditions meet their business needs. Thus far, there has been a 100% success rate in working through contracts. The contract needs to be a good fit for both parties. By giving the customer the flexibility to customize the terms, there’s a mutual agreement which can be ensured.

SLA flexibility: It’s very common to modify base SLAs, and even add SLAs if there is something specific a customer would like to see. If it’s in the customer’s interest, it will be taken into consideration, and an effort will be put forth for its addition.

Flexibility in long term contracts: If a customer has a long term deal, agreements are made to review aspects of the deal regularly, over set increments of time. This includes pricing and volume. For example, if a seven year contract is signed, pricing could be reviewed every two years, and updated in comparison to the industry. This ensures customers receive benefits of lower technology costs throughout the term, even in long term deals.

Those are the three biggest areas where FNTS differs from competitors. The whole goal is to provide an experience which is mutually beneficial for both parties. And by providing contract flexibility, FNTS ensures it remains on the cutting edge of the industry.