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End of the year highlights

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Between an eventful presidential election season, the dawn of a ground breaking app in Pokémon GO and even an exit by Britain from the European Union, 2016 was an eventful year for many people. It was no different at First National Technology Solutions (FNTS), here are some of the highlights of initiatives from FNTS over the past year.

  • The Mobile Application: In February, the FNTS Mobile app was launched. This sets the foundation for future automation and enhancement around self-service tools for customers. This allowed the combination of three interfaces into one, making it more user friendly. The web app will be a part of this accomplishment as well, which features the functionality of the app, but in a mobile page version.
  • Additional Security rollouts: Over the past 12 months there has been an effort to enhance the security portfolio of services. As a response, FNTS’s LogRhythm have been upgraded to provide more enhanced logging and alerting capabilities. Among many other initiatives, Bluecoat has been added into the security suite to provide additional web protection for clients. The goal of this is to give customers more features and functionality, while at the same time, deal with more vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Operations Support Center: This year the Command Center and Enterprise Systems Operation Center were combined together into one group, and formed an Operations Support Center. This center is critical in allowing FNTS to scale and improve service delivery for clients. Having this will allow appropriate staffing with the various disciplines which are required to support customers 24/7.
  • Further extension of storage capabilities: Storage continues to grow across the board for all FNTS clients. The goal is to provide customers with numerous options so their capabilities can be met, no matter what they need. This year saw the acquisition of additional flash storage and object based storage. In doing so, the storage portfolio has been rounded out to give customers numerous options, based on what their needs are.

It was an eventful 2016, and with the ever expanding world of technology, 2017 looks to be just as eventful. As this year closes out, we look forward to all the excitement next year is sure to bring. From all of us at FNTS, we wish you a great end to 2016, and a terrific New Year.