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FNTS Named “Rising Star” in ISG Provider Lens™ Reports for Mainframe Solutions

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In a landscape where only the exceptional stand out, FNTS has emerged as a leader in Mainframe-as-a-Service (MFaaS) and Mainframe Operations.

ISG (Information Services Group), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, has recognized FNTS and its mainframe solutions in its 2024 ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant Reports for Mainframes – Services and Solutions.

In ISG’s annual Americas research report, covering North and South America, FNTS was

named a Rising Star in two categories; Mainframe-as-a-Service (MFaaS) and

Mainframe Operations.

  • 57 companies were assessed
  • 14 companies, including FNTS, qualified for the MFaaS quadrant
  • 18 companies, including FNTS, qualified for the Mainframe Operations quadrant

FNTS's recognition as a Rising Star not only highlights our unparalleled service quality and

industry acumen but underscores our commitment to propelling mainframe modernization and

optimizing operational efficiencies for businesses across the Americas.


In the public sector, companies are faced with several challenges across their mainframe environments, including a shortage of skilled IT experts, higher operating costs, increased technical debt and tight budgets. Without the right partner or infrastructure in place, these challenges can lead to mainframe outages or failure. In its U.S. public sector report, ISG named FNTS a Rising Star for MFaaS and Product Challenger for Mainframe Operations.

  • 30 companies were assessed
  • 12 companies, including FNTS, qualified for the MFaaS quadrant
  • 17 companies, including FNTS, qualified for the Mainframe Operations quadrant

The annual U.S. public sector report compares IT providers based on strengths and competitive differentiators to help state and local governments as well as higher education institutions understand market trends and technologies.

As stated in the reports, Rising Stars have excellent management and understanding of market trends and client requirements, while Product Challengers offer a product and service portfolio that reflect excellent service and technology stacks; deliver an unmatched broad and deep range of capabilities; and invest to enhance their market presence and competitive strengths.

“FNTS is a Rising Star in the MFaaS market with unique capabilities to serve highly regulated U.S. state and local governments,” said ISG Lead Analyst and Author Peter Crocker. “The company’s focus and ability to provide onshore resources to the public sector are important differentiators.”

FNTS is a multicloud and managed IT services provider with a demonstrated track record of supporting mainframe environments and a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, IBM Z and IBM Power Systems. We offer MFaaS, Mainframe Optimization, IBM Remote Management and ISV Software Management. The ISG Provider Lens™ assessed FNTS on infrastructure, facilities, hardware, software, managed services, client support, job scheduling, operations, backup services and outsourcing capabilities that promote secure, reliable, streamlined and effective mainframe services.

“FNTS delivers flexible and secure infrastructure services with a focus on optimization. This enables clients to opt for cost-effective and accessible MFaaS solutions,” said ISG Distinguished Analyst and Author, Pedro L. Bicudo Maschio. “FNTS also offers a streamlined mainframe infrastructure hosted on secure data centers, providing clients with a hybrid cloud experience characterized by expandable capacity and deep expertise within the U.S., all without offshoring core competencies.”

FNTS participated in the 2023 ISG Provider Lens™ and was named a Rising Star for MFaaS and Contender for Mainframe Operations in the Americas sector. Regarding the U.S. public sector, FNTS was named a Market Challenger for MFaaS and Contender for Mainframe Operations.

“This past year, we have made significant progress in reaching our goals and growing our client partnerships by 15%,” said FNTS President Kim Whittaker. “Based on our growth trajectory, service delivery and client experience first focus, earning three Rising Stars from the studies this year demonstrates our evolution and leadership in the mainframe outsourcing market.”

Operating a mainframe is one of the fastest-growing IT expenses for businesses. FNTS remains dedicated to helping clients reduce mainframe costs. On average, our MFaaS offering reduces mainframe expenses by approximately 15-20% annually by eliminating the ongoing software and operating expenses associated with organizations maintaining their own equipment on-site.

The ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant research series is the only service provider evaluation of its kind to combine empirical, data-driven research and market analysis with the real-world experience and observations of ISG’s global advisory team. ISG offers research specifically about providers to state and local governments (including counties, cities) as well as higher education institutions to help them understand market trends and disruptive technologies driving change in business computing. The goal is to deliver guidance that helps enterprises accelerate growth and drive more value by evaluating providers based on strengths and competitive differentiators.

For more information on the Americas report, click here. To view or download the U.S. public sector report, click here.





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