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FNTS Now Offering Advanced Threat Protection to Keep IBM i Secure

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FNTS, a managed services provider with decades of experience supporting mainframe environments across the nation, has launched Advanced Threat Protection for IBM i.

“In recent years, advancements in cloud technology, remote access and other innovations have opened IBM i’s distributed environments and networks up to the rise of ransomware, latent threats and viruses waiting to spread,” said Robert LaMagna-Reiter, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer for FNTS. “Advanced Threat Protection for IBM i is the latest security offering from FNTS that helps mitigate and address vulnerabilities to prevent IBM i machines from becoming a source of infection.”

The new service provides intuitive anti-virus and anti-ransomware protection backed by FNTS’ certified expertise that closes security gaps with real-time monitoring, threat detection and triage.

Comprehensive and Intuitive Anti-Virus Protection

  • On-demand and scheduled virus scanning of all accessed files before and after usage
  • Protects against viruses, trojan horses and malware
  • Marks, quarantines and deletes infected files
  • Effortless implementation and maintenance with user-friendly green-screen and Java-based GUI interfaces that utilize simple and intuitive activation features
  • Ensures databases have the most up-to-date definitions

Proactive Anti-Ransomware Security

  • Identifies, isolates and reports in real-time on ransomware attacks from known and unknown zero-day threats
  • Recognizes ransomware behavioral characteristics, such as activity on files, names, extensions, encryption status and honeypots
  • Stops threats in their tracks by quarantining offending files/systems while FNTS performs triage
  • Provides a full audit trail, complete with logs and a robust query generator, with the ability to export reports in spool files, PDF, HTML and Zip formats

“IBM i and information security professionals at FNTS provide a proactive approach to security, from installation and configuration to implementation and monitoring. This ensures data is shielded, LPARs are protected, attacks are prevented and incidents are resolved quickly,” LaMagna-Reiter said.

For more information on Advanced Threat Protection for IBM i, visit fnts.com/cloud/ibm-i-security.

About FNTS
As a nationally recognized trusted advisor in managed IT services for the past 25 years, FNTS has a proven history supporting mainframe environments, along with a wide range of operating systems including: Windows, Linux, AIX and IBM i. FNTS also has a passion for all things multi-cloud and provides flexible cloud solutions, with a continued focus on orchestrating agility, transparency and IT optimization for our customers, all while keeping cost containment top-of-mind. With an elevated security posture consisting of layered security solutions, FNTS specializes in partnering with customers in highly regulated and compliance-driven industries.

FNTS operates one of the most secure, technically advanced data centers in the United States, where the full scope of its operations is based. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, FNTS is a subsidiary of First National of Nebraska (FNNI). FNNI and its affiliates have $23 billion in assets and nearly 5,000 employee associates.