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FNTS Podcast: Extending Zero Trust to the Cloud & Endpoint

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Designed from the outside in, 20th-century hierarchical networks have traditionally relied on classifying users as “trusted” and “untrusted.” Unfortunately, this methodology has proven to be insecure. With increased attack sophistication and insider threats, operating on the assumption that everything inside an organization’s network can be trusted is no longer viable. This legacy model assumes that a user’s identity has not been compromised and that all users act responsibly. If a user is “trusted,” that user has access to applications and data by default. History has shown us that trust is a vulnerability that can be exploited.

Organizations are finding that traditional cybersecurity strategies are no longer sufficient. “Never trust, always verify” is a principle of Zero Trust, a cybersecurity strategy that protects networks and sensitive data from threats that may pass beyond a network’s perimeter. Zero Trust addresses the shortcomings of failing approaches by removing the assumption of trust altogether. Though there is much mythology about the term, it's crucial to understand the point of Zero Trust is not to make networks, clouds, or endpoints more trusted; it's to eliminate the concept of trust from digital systems altogether.

Gartner predicts that by 2023, 60% of enterprises will phase out most of their VPNs in favor of Zero Trust network access. Embracing Zero Trust as a means to replace traditional network segmentation & implementing protections based on the Protect Surface (DAAS – Data, Applications, Assets & Services) is gaining interest across industries. It is not just a technology decision – it’s a business and security strategy.

FNTS Chief Information Security Officer, Robert LaMagna-Reiter, recently sat down with AST Cybersecurity to discuss extending Zero Trust methodologies to the public and private cloud, and endpoint, in addition to business drivers, strategy, and the technical and cultural challenges and achievements that can quickly deliver the business results and benefits desired.

Click here to listen to Robert LaMagna-Reiter’s podcast on Zero Trust.

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