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Learning About Cloud Solutions

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As a Sales Support Associate in First National Technology Solutions (FNTS), I feel it is my responsibility to understand fully the ever—evolving technology solutions we offer.   I spend time reading white papers, surfing the Internet, listening to my co-workers, and personally find exceptional value in video.  
FNTS has offered Cloud Solutions for some time; however, recently we added a Cloud Solutions video to our website.  Watching the video has provided greater understanding to me.  For example, I have always understood FNTS offers a Cloud Solution for the Windows, Linux, Unix and iSeries Operating System, but never realized we also offer a Cloud Solution for Mainframe.    
This Cloud Solutions video clip provides an overview of cloud technology and services offered by FNTS.   I work closely with the “Personal Cloud Strategists” at FNTS, and I look forward to expanding my knowledge of the products we offer in our commitment to serve you.   

Do you have resources that serve as your "go to" for industry research on cloud or other topics?  Share them below! 

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