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Overcoming Challenges

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Rachel Nicholas, a Project Manager at First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) likes a good challenge. “However, as a project manager, I like to have some ability to plan as well,” says Nicholas.

She’s worked with multiple clients working on several projects.

Naturally, working as a Project Manager involves dealing with challenges, and a crucial part of Nicholas’ job is overcoming those difficulties.

An example of these challenges occurred in a recent project. The issue was that FNTS wasn’t engaged, and trying to implement a solution that they didn’t develop. She and her team were forced to adjust their strategy, but eventually succeeded.

For another project, the challenge was that the scope of the project was daunting. However, with the help of positive customer engagement, the challenge was overcome.

“They were prepared, and they knew their environment. It’s really what we need in order to get a project going,” she said. Customers who are prepared and have a lot of technical and business knowledge go a long way in helping FNTS complete a project more easily.

Although they can be challenging, these projects have also benefited Nicholas. “Because all projects are unique I’m always learning more technically, every project has something different than what I’ve done before.”

What are some challenges you've dealt with, and how have you overcome them? Comment below!

(Blog written by Jamey Schilling, Marketing Intern and Marquette University Student)