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Thank You For The Experience

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Omaha Public Schools are back in session, NFL pre-season football has started, and pumpkin flavored drinks will soon begin their hostile takeover of Starbucks. All of these are indicators of fall’s arrival, and summer’s end. It’s hard to believe it’s already over, and (for this summer at least) my internship with this great company comes to a close. Though my time here has been relatively short (roughly a month and a half) it has been a wonderful experience, and one I’m truly grateful for.

Interning at First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) has taught me many things; organization, scheduling, and a wide array of facts about the tech solutions the company offers. While learning these traits, I was also fortunate enough to be able to use creativity and freedom to accomplish projects as well. Quite simply, this internship offered me the valuable marketing experience I was, and will continue to look for in future jobs.

From the moment I first arrived, I felt welcomed by the wonderful FNTS community. It only got better from there. The wonderful part of my job was that it required a significant amount of personal interaction with my fellow coworkers. From learning about current projects, to giving a co-worker grief for being a fan of a certain team (sorry Dan!), to even talking about video games, I got to know the other employees as more than just workers. I can safely say, combined with the experience I gained, the people made this internship priceless for me.

Instead of taking a page from LeBron James, and declaring intentions of taking my talents to downtown Milwaukee where I go to school, I’d like to end this note on a more appreciative note. Thank you. Thank you to everyone, and anyone who made my internship at FNTS such a memorable experience. It’s the people that make an experience memorable, and that’s certainly the case here. I hope to see you all again real soon.