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The Evolution of Consulting and Professional Services: A Glimpse into FNTS's Approach to Optimization

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In the ever-evolving tech landscape, businesses are increasingly seeking opportunities to optimize operations and align IT strategies with overarching business goals.

In 2023, FNTS embarked on a transformative journey, introducing Consulting and Professional Services to not only enhance our existing offerings but also to create value through efficiency and innovation. The vision for Consulting and Professional Services was to specialize in helping organizations realize the expense and resource optimization needed to begin to execute their digital transformation efforts. This entails optimizing their technical ecosystem and how they consume their technical environment. FNTS does this by assessing IT landscapes, identifying challenges and presenting solutions that encompass discovery, planning, design, and total cost of transformation projects.

This past year, we have refined our consulting capabilities after having conversations with cross-industry executives to identify gaps in the marketplace. In turn, we have developed eight strategic pillars, or areas of focus, that define FNTS’s approach to driving optimization and success through data and analysis.

  1. Strategic Technology Planning: FNTS takes on the role of a Virtual CIO/CTO, offering experienced technology leadership to ensure that technological initiatives align seamlessly with business objectives. We also foster innovation through the integration of emerging approaches and technologies.

  2. Technology Budgeting and Cost Optimization: We develop budgets aligned with organizational goals and share recommendations to optimize the allocation of resources across technical ecosystems. In addition, we provide expense tracking and identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency. An example of this is our proactive Hybrid and Multicloud Expense Modeling offering, which identifies cost-effective cloud models for clients.

  3. Business Resiliency and Continuity: Proactive business resiliency, continuity and disaster planning minimize the impact of disruptions. Regular policy reviews, testing and tabletop exercises ensure the effectiveness of recovery strategies, and FNTS provides guidance and support during emergency situations to facilitate timely recovery efforts.

  4. Product Selection, Procurement and Management: FNTS excels in vendor management, evaluating solutions, negotiating cost-effective contracts and managing vendor relationships. Recommendations can be provided for consolidation, implementation, migration and ongoing management to maximize value.

  5. Cybersecurity and Protection: Emphasizing IT security, governance and compliance, FNTS helps reduce the risk of security breaches and regulatory violations. Security advisory services, including SOC-as-a-Service, Virtual CISO, Cyber Incidence Response Planning, and IBM Z Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning showcase the commitment to comprehensive protection.

  6. Business Process Optimization: By mapping critical business processes, maximizing resources, and identifying cost savings, FNTS enhances operational efficiency, ultimately reducing overhead costs for clients.

  7. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence: Consultative sessions on artificial intelligence and machine learning demonstrate FNTS's commitment to providing insights that enhance organizational operations and decision-making.

  8. IT Project and Change Management: As an extension of client teams, FNTS provides reliable project management and support for IT initiatives to reduce project risks, identify ROI and ensure successful outcomes.

Consulting and Professional Services use a people- and partner-driven approach to business. The strategic partnerships we continue to form provide vast strategy and knowledge to support clients in areas like application modernization, data management and observability. Together, we offer a comprehensive view of technology ecosystems and delivery models. We leverage a Design Thinking-based methodology and our experience to define, enhance and expedite business and technical strategies through flexible, sustainable paths that help organizations build resilience and realize the power of their people, processes and technology.

Our commitment to innovation and client-centric solutions is evident in our tailored, cost-effective and flexible services that ensure services meet the unique objectives of each client, whether they need services on a fractional or on-demand basis. We approach each client opportunity with transparency, humble confidence, and a commitment to value beyond the hours in a statement of work.

FNTS is an optimization company at our core, and we believe optimization is the first step on the path to modernization. We look forward to modernizing and expanding these services in the future.

Learn more about Consulting and Professional Services at www.fnts.com/consulting-professional-services, or email James Brouhard, Director of Consulting and Professional Services.