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The Importance of Long Term Customers

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At First National Technology Solutions (FNTS), business is all about developing long term relationships with clients. The only way to do so is by continuing to add value. We’re constantly looking for enhancements to our products and services, in order to add that value for the customer. The reason customers look to a service provider is because they either want to get better technology, or maybe a deeper skill set from a technical perspective. They’re looking for someone that can deliver the service at a higher level than what they can do internally or at a lower cost.

We have to continue to innovate, and look at ways where we can continue to add that value. And if we’re successful in that, and we’re delivering a high level of service, (which our track record has shown that we’ve done) then we’re going to be successful in retaining customers. Not only that, but also our ability to grow customers, and add new customers. But the only way we’re able to reach our revenue goals, and the growth we want to reach as a company is if we’re retaining current customers, and having those long term relationships.

We can’t just look for new business if we’re not retaining the existing business. And if we’re not providing a high level of service to our existing clients, then we won’t have clients who can be references for us, which is really important in order for us to succeed. It really does go hand in hand. Delivering a high level of service, and having a really solid relationship with our current customers, not only helps us retain them, but it also helps us attract new business. We need both pieces of that in order to hit our goals as an organization.

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