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Platform 3 - The New Technology Frontier

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Platform 3 is the latest topic from an IT perspective – the new development platform for the development of new applications.  What I find the most interesting about this new platform is how it fundamentally changes the traditional approach for application development. No longer will there be purchasing hardware, server provisioning, traditional application development and middleware deployment.  This new platform involves having a platform that developers are able to access and push their new application code to.  You can continuously develop this application with continual enhancements and updates.  Behind the scenes, the infrastructure is deployed based on what the application requires.  The infrastructure than continues to scale as required based upon the application demands.

This new platform is what is enabling new companies to be disruptive in the market.  The new companies and new applications don’t require the brick & mortar and server hardware as traditional businesses have built.  Start-ups can deploy applications within a matter of days and continue to scale seamlessly as the business and application grows.  

We are hearing more and more about traditional businesses building pockets of “start-ups” within their organization to start to leverage these platforms for their new applications, to think outside of the box and innovate, in order to help their businesses evolve and adjust to the changing market.  Businesses cannot sit idle, they need to continue to innovate and re-invent, as there are individuals in the market that will be working on creating that next application or business that may disrupt your industry. As an example, consider how quickly Uber has disrupted the industry – and to consider Uber doesn’t advertise, they just use word-of-mouth based on positive experiences their customers have.

First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) is utilizing CloudFoundry to address this changing market and delivery model.  CloudFoundry as a platform that allows for the rapid application development, allowing developers to push their code without interacting with the infrastructure engineers.  If you are interested in seeing this platform and testing how it works with a proof of concept, let us know and we will get you setup.

It is an exciting time to be involved in IT as we watch this next transformation take place!