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Tips to keep you safe on your internet-connected devices

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Safe computing practices & tips to use on all your internet-connected devices

When connected to the Internet, your data can be vulnerable during transit.  Here are a few best practices to help keep you and your family safe.    

  • Use antivirus and internet security software, these packages contain firewalls, phishing protection, secure browsing, and parental controls. Make sure to keep it updated.
  • Use a limited user account for most of your activity on your computer.
  • Many computers log you in with an administrator account by default.
  • A limited user account is also ideal for children to prevent them from inadvertently installing malicious software.
  • If your kids often use a computer for browsing the web, consider getting some child-safe security software.
  • On many computers and devices you can enable parental controls to restrict or monitor what your children access.
  • There are also solutions that let you manage parental controls on the Wi-Fi router level which can protect multiple devices from one central point.
  • Keep track of your family’s mobile devices.  Most phones have the ability to track their location remotely through built in software or third party apps.  These often allow you to remotely delete everything on the phone if it’s lost or stolen.

Implementing best practices at home and at work is one step to making your defense stronger against unwanted intrusions.