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5 IT Security Trends to Adopt in 2019

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Research indicates that cybercrime damages will total $6 trillion a year by 2021—more than double the cost of just a few years ago. Part of that total comes from the growing success of ransomware schemes, which cost about $5 billion a year, up from just $325 million in 2015. These chilling stats point to one reality: Effective IT security measures are growing more important with every passing year.

Faced with a rising tide of cybercrime, organizations in every industry—from healthcare and retail to financial services—are being increasingly challenged to protect important customer and client data, as well as valuable intellectual property, trade secrets, and more. Meanwhile, they must ensure they are meeting industry regulations, which often are a moving target.

It can no doubt be challenging to identify the most effective IT security solutions for your needs. Fortunately, services like FNTS's Managed Security Services and Cybersecurity Managed Services and Advanced Protection offer tailored, integrated security solutions that address the complexities of the current cybersecurity landscape.

Trends to Adopt

Integrated Security

An integrated approach to IT security is essential in the digital age. FNTS's Managed Security Services exemplify this by offering a cohesive system that encompasses intrusion prevention, web application firewalls, antivirus, data encryption, and more, ensuring efficiency and optimized security.

Improved Visibility

The "single pane of glass" is now increasingly achievable, thanks to integrated solutions. FNTS's approach to IT security streamlines the management of security functions, enhancing visibility and efficiency, which is crucial for monitoring and responding to threats in real-time.

Emphasis on Analytics

IT security analytics play a crucial role in understanding and mitigating threats. FNTS leverages sophisticated analytics tools to collect and analyze security data, providing actionable insights and enhancing your cybersecurity posture.

AI-Based Predictive Cyber Protection

AI and machine learning are at the forefront of combating cybercrime. FNTS incorporates AI algorithms in its services to continuously learn and adapt to new threats, ensuring your IT security strategy remains robust and proactive.

Data Quality and Governance

Ensuring the quality and governance of your data is fundamental. FNTS's services prioritize data integrity, aligning with regulatory standards such as PCI and HIPAA to secure your data effectively.

Additionally, in the face of disasters, FNTS's Disaster Recovery and Backup Recovery services ensure that your data is not only secure but also resilient against any eventuality, providing peace of mind and continuous operation capabilities.

Looking to 2019

As you plan for the future, it's clear that not every IT security trend will be temporary. By incorporating FNTS's cutting-edge services into your IT security strategy, you position your organization to effectively combat the evolving landscape of cybercrime. Adopting these integrated, forward-thinking approaches will not only address current security challenges but also prepare you for future threats, ensuring the safety and resilience of your data and IT infrastructure.