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Karen Allen is a project management professional with over 17 years of experience. She recently graduated from the University of Nebraska – Omaha with a Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems. As one of her top 5 Strengths is Learner, she is continuing her relationship with higher education at UNO as an Adjunct Consultant for the Masters Capstone class in the College of IS&T. When she isn't managing projects, she is busy managing the schedules of her two high school age children and their Marching Band, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Soccer and Hockey activities. When she has a spare moment she stays active by putting hundreds of miles on her bike, competing in triathlon events and playing novice hockey in the MCHL League here in Omaha.

I Want To Retire Too

Retirement, this word can invoke many different feelings when spoken.  For those that are up in years, they can look at retirement as one big, long vacation! Woohoo! Can’t wait, right?  But for those that are ‘retiring’ from playing their favorite sport at a ripe age of 30, they may not be so enthusiastic about the concept.  And so there are different reactions to this word ‘retirement’.  For me, I would like to retire sooner than later so that I have some good years left….but I digress.

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Why do I need to know anything about business? I’m in IT!

This is the question that was asked of me a few weeks ago by a graduate student in an MIS program. And my response was "How can you support a business if you don't have any understanding of it? How can you sit in a room with a client and translate their business process needs into technical terms and solutions without actually understanding their business in the first place?”.  The light bulb went off and they said, “I get it now”.

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Valuable Experiences

Teaching and speaking. At first glance one might struggle to find similarities between the two activities. For one First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) Employee though, the similarity is clear: they’ve both helped her improve as an employee. Besides working at FNTS as a project manager, Karen Allen has also served as a teaching assistant at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) for the past two years, and actively participates in Toastmasters International.

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“I Love Cookies”

I love cookies. I love to make them, buy them and eat them…which is why I must exercise! But I digress. I am NOT here to talk about exercise. (Aren’t you glad?) I am here to talk about ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions to ‘non-cookie-cutter’ problems.

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I Like Hats

I like hats…... sun hats, baseball caps, skater hats, Easter Sunday bonnets, hockey helmets and more. I don’t necessarily like to wear them or look good in them, but I like them. Hats allow you to be someone else for a little bit. A baseball cap, for instance, allows you to be athletic and play a game while keeping the sun out of your eyes. A sun hat allows you to be outside and work in your garden without getting sunburn. A hockey helmet lets you be rough, tough and invincible. The hat you are wearing lets you be that person for at least as long as you are wearing that hat.

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