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First National Technology Solutions Now Offers CASB Security Solutions

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First National Technology Solutions (FNTS), a leading provider in remote managed IT services, announced it will begin offering new cloud security technologies to companies, which will allow them to extend security policies outside of their own infrastructure.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions enable transaction level security for cloud managed services, including Software as a Service (SaaS) and (Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), by combining data science, machine learning, real-time traffic processing, insightful visualization and intuitive controls.

As organizations shift their infrastructure to the cloud, a Cloud Access Security Broker acts as a software gatekeeper service to help organizations reap the productivity benefits of the cloud, while also monitoring and controlling how their cloud-based services and tools are being stored and used.

“Organizations that are shifting their data to the cloud are dealing with new data residency laws that are creating security and compliance challenges,” said FNTS Senior Director of Information Security Robert LaMagna-Reiter.  “Providing a cloud security option such as CASB, will give our clients more visibility and control over their data and cloud application usage.”

CASB software and services helps IT departments do the following to address cloud security challenges:

  • Encrypt sensitive and regulated data to enforce compliance, privacy and security.
  • Integrate cloud visibility and controls with broader security solutions for data loss prevention, access management and web security.
  • Use machine learning to detect and block unusual account behavior, including malicious activity, malware, threatening users, risky transactions and the inappropriate sharing of content.
  • Perform a risk analysis and provide an automated threat score based on usage patterns that can be used to trigger intelligent security actions, which can resolve alerts, threats and attacks in real-time.

“Digital and cloud adoption are increasing at an alarming rate, catching many organizations off guard,” said LaMagna-Reiter.  “CASB gives these organizations a real end-to-end security solution.  FNTS is excited to expand its security offering so our customers can comply with their regulation and compliance standards while enforcing policies to mitigate risk.”  

CASB solutions through FNTS cover a wide range of scenarios, including sanctioned and unsanctioned apps, managed and unmanaged devices and business and personal accounts on sanctioned apps, mobile devices and desktops.