5 Strategies to Handle Server Consolidations

According to the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker, vendor revenue in the worldwide server market declined 4.6 percent year over year to $11.8 billion in the first quarter of 2017. That decline is clearly driven by data center consolidation and server consolidation more specifically. Server consolidation is a way to make a more efficient IT environment by combining servers or replacing legacy servers with virtual systems, like cloud or SaaS products. Server consolidation is exactly what it sounds like: It’s essentially consolidating hardware for more effective usage.

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7 Ways Managed IT Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

Given the rapid pace of change across the technology landscape, few businesses are able to sustain an effective in-house IT effort over the long haul.

A number of factors work against the enterprise that tries to tackle IT on a purely in-house basis. Qualified experts are in high demand and short supply, and they come with hefty salary expectations. When tech trends shift and new needs emerge, in-house experts may not have the expertise needed to adapt.

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5 Strategic IT Staffing Tips

According to CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2017 report, there are five major factors contributing to a more challenging landscape for IT professionals in 2017. These factors are:

  • Finding workers with expertise in emerging tech fields
  • Competition for IT talent
  • Finding workers with the right soft skills
  • Rising salary expectations
  • Insufficient pool of talent in region/locale
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Cyberattacks Leave Organizations Seeking IT Security Upgrades

The recent WannaCry virus cyberattack has left many businesses re-evaluating their security and privacy policies and procedures to avoid falling victim as the attack continues to spread and replicate.

First National Technology Solutions (FNTS), a highly compliant, highly secure, nationally recognized leader in managed IT services, has expertise in information security and risk mitigation.

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Begining the digital transformation

Today many enterprises face the challenge of bridging business and technology to close the digital gap. As these enterprises utilize more digital channels to reach customers the technology to support these initiatives is often slow to keep up.

So how do enterprises close the gap and set their business up for success in the digital era? Here are a few tips:

  • Strategy.  With a clear strategy and desired goal, you can build a solid foundation to begin to bring your legacy systems and new technology together. (Bi-modal model)
  • Culture. The adoption of new technology and a new way of doing things often results in a culture change.  To be successful, both your business model and your employees have to have the desire and ambition to accept a new business approach.
  • Revision. As digital outpaces the tradition business model, you will have the agility and scalability to adjust your business as needed, reacting to customer demand and industry trends.  
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Business partnerships: adding value, reducing costs, and forming valuable relationships

First National Technology Solution’s philosophy with customers focuses on really developing a long term relationship. In partnering with FNTS, customers are guaranteed a very high level of service, and one which continues to receive value throughout the life of their relationship.

The best way to add value is by giving customers access to the “best of breed” from a technology perspective. Doing so means providing the leading edge technology for customers to take advantage of in their operation. Going hand in hand with leading technology, is offering access to highly trained and skilled senior engineers, as well as delivering services in a very timely fashion.

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Capitalizing on capital expenditures

When talking about capital expenditures, it helps to view them as investments. With that in mind, all investments should be considered carefully, and have a return. It’s typically something that you own, depreciates over a useful life, and is recorded as an asset on your balance sheet.

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Tips for the Windows Operating System

The windows operating system can be extremely helpful when operating correctly. Like any system however, if not properly managed, it can bring its fair share of difficulties.

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How to use Security Logs (SIEM)

When it comes to securing any corporate environment, the more in depth detail you have, the better. Depending on the size of an organization, a single day can be comprised of millions, or even billions of logs. At first glance this can seem like nothing more than informational nonsense, but these bread crumbs are the key to not only diagnosing a problem, but also possibly uncovering a breach.

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Charting Business Success Using Forecasts and Market Models

The business world is constantly changing. Trends sought out by Gartner Inc. indicate significant changes both technologically, and in basic company operation. As a result of all these changes, companies need to frequently adapt to remain successful. The following are four trends being seen in the business world of the near future.

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First National Technology Solutions Enhances Services


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When crisis hits, and you’re helpless

Help!  I have a crisis and there is nothing I can do about it......but report it.

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Cloud Myths Uncovered

A widely held but false belief or idea, otherwise known as a myth.  Even though myths are untrue they are sometimes the hardest believe to dispel and prove wrong.  As the evolution of cloud technology has grown into the IT phenomenon it is today many myths have come to fruition, and here are a few. 

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Why do I need to know anything about business? I’m in IT!

This is the question that was asked of me a few weeks ago by a graduate student in an MIS program. And my response was "How can you support a business if you don't have any understanding of it? How can you sit in a room with a client and translate their business process needs into technical terms and solutions without actually understanding their business in the first place?”.  The light bulb went off and they said, “I get it now”.

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The BiModal Strategy

While attending the Gartner Sourcing Summit a few weeks ago, I was able to participate in a few sessions and talk to several attendees about their BiModal strategy – being able to keep their current systems operational, as they look for new ways to innovate with different technology capabilities.  This can be a real struggle for IT departments having to task employees with responsibilities to keep the existing legacy infrastructure up and operational, while also trying to innovate with new applications, mobile and other capabilities that are a completely different delivery model.

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