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We Wear Green Shoes

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For the past 90 days, First National Technology Solutions (FNTS), along with our sister company, First National Bank of Omaha, has engaged in active conversation on how we should deliver a superior customer experience.  This is not an initiative; it is not a process.  Instead it is an enhanced focus on a key responsibility of the First National Operating Philosophy.  All First National employees have been reminded of our commitment to provide our customers with top notch customer service that you in turn would describe as “helpful, easy, and personal”. 

Throughout this conversation, we have been instructed to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes.  Are we delivering our Intended Customer Experience?  How would the customer experience appear to us?  Are we finding our service helpful, easy, and personal?  In fact, we have all been provided with custom-branded First National green Converse shoes.  We have been encouraged to wear our green shoes proudly, as our reminder to deliver a superior customer experience.  Ask us about our shoes; we’ll tell you we work for a company that is dedicated to our customers. 

We held the first “Wear Green Shoes Day” on December 16.  It was fun to see co-workers engaged in conversation and photo opportunities.  Some of us found the shoes to be a little uncomfortable.  Some of us felt shorter.  Some of us wore the wrong socks and ended up with blisters.  What a message this sent.  Sometimes our customers aren’t comfortable with the customer experience they have received.  Sometimes our customer service doesn’t measure up to expectations and we do fall short.  Sometimes systems go down; migrations aren’t seamless; and incidents and problems occur that require more than a band-aid fix.  Yes, indeed, we walked in our customer’s shoes!

Each FNTS employee has been reminded about the importance we play in delivering the Intended Customer Experience to our customers.  We wear green shoes because of you.