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Celebrating Two Years With You

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June 18th marked the two year anniversary of the First National Technology Solutions blog.  Blogging is a great opportunity to publish information to an online community looking for the right solution to overcome roadblocks, obstacles or simply gain insight from your peers.  

Obstacles can be as specific as working through a VMWare NSX Load Balancing 503 Error and a work around for internal hosts resolving external IP DNS names  to entertaining you by comparing Lawrence Welk to IT Managers.  
Whether you are looking for new technology like PaaS or want to understand how a solution like xTrem IO can benefit your business the First National Technology Solutions blog offers fresh, new content to its subscribers weekly.  Written 100% by our employees with guest bloggers making an appearance from time to time, we hope to provide you with a variety of content to keep you coming back week after week and an opportunity to get one on one with our staff.  

Thank you for being a loyal subscriber and I look forward to the future and where the blog topics take us. Interested in a topic?  Let us know what you want to read about – comment below.