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Beyond the hype:  Getting real with XtremIO

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Since very early in the XtremIO lifecycle for EMC; FNTS has designed an offering for customers to enjoy the benefits in the cloud. The ability to see performance in sub millisecond response times, to being able to take advantage of a shared pricing structure with a right sized approach to storage usage; First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) customers have been able to take advantage of an all flash array to host their business applications. 

With many products in the market for all flash storage arrays, many may ask why XtremIO? For FNTS it was a two step decision. First, the partnership with EMC and FNTS has a proven track record for high performance and a high level of support to ensure FNTS’ customer remain up and available. Second, XtremIO’s technology with storing metadata in memory to avoid flash cliffs, to the controller horsepower added with every brick. After all you wouldn’t want to buy an all flash array that cannot hold performance as you add your applications.

Is all flash, all that? Well, it’s still hindered by protocols that inherently have latency, but it’s the closest way to get on the BUS in the most supported way for real world solutions. Many can argue this and I won’t pretend to be smarter than many just yet, but who really wants to put a NVRAM card in their server just to run a temp DB with per GB costs that will run you out of business. As RAM based storage continues to evolve, you can trust FNTS will be building solutions around RAM based storage technologies.

Enough of that future stuff for now…let’s talk about what’s here now, and some real world ideas. Let’s say your DB server continually queues and your latency has spikes in the high ms. Storing those logs, DB, page file, and tempDB’s can heavily improve your performance. Don’t stop there though. Why not put the entire database server on flash, and don’t forget those app servers too. You cannot perform too fast, right? Putting an application on all flash may just buy your application some time as your business scales. Many applications have uphill battles when it comes to scale. Scaling an application can take time, resources, and money. Mask that scale by trying out all flash for your application. 

See  how easy it is to take advantage of this offering – visit https://fnts.com/managed_services/view/storage_backup1