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Isn’t Flash Storage more Expensive than Traditional Storage?

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Recently I have received some raised eyebrows when our prospective clients and current clients learn that we plan on continuing to invest in All-Flash storage arrays, like EMC’s XTremIO, instead of the traditional storage arrays.  The question I typically receive is, “Why?  Isn’t the all-flash array a lot more expensive?”

First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) was an early adopter of the XTremIO product.  As such, we have been fortunate to work with multiple clients in proof of concepts, initially, and have built experience over this past year with clients using the technology in production.  What we have found is when you factor in the savings in floor space, power, and SAN fabric connections, along with the ease of administration, we are able to offer the XTremIO at a price-point of where the traditional storage is at.  

The benefit to Clients include being able to utilize and experience the greater performance and speed from this storage platform, while maintaining the current price-points.  In addition, within our model, Clients are able to contract for the amount of storage they need without having to invest in an entire storage array.  From our standpoint, since this is a more efficient storage platform from a space, power and labor standpoint, it ends up truly being a win-win for our Clients and for FNTS.  

This is an example of how we try to add value and why we are continuing to look for new technologies.  If we are able to make an investment in a new technology and get it introduced to our clients, while also providing the new technology at a more competitive price point than if they were to purchase it themselves, not only have we provided a lower cost alternative, but we have also generated additional value and an overall positive client experience.