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3 Benefits of Cloud You May Not Know About

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When cloud first hit the market, some buzz words surrounding it were security, on-demand, lower costs, scalable and bursting. As technology evolved, and more companies implemented cloud solutions, some additional benefits started surfacing as well:

  • Adoption and implementation of new software and applications is not only easier – it has become seamless to the end user, thus increasing customer satisfaction and employee productivity.
  • Disruptive Innovation through business expansion with faster product launches and application development are becoming more common.  On-demand resources allow for rapid development, testing and deployment.  Think it – launch it!
  • Emerging leaders from outside of the technology arena are starting to budget for business changes with cloud technology.  CEO’s and CFO’s are becoming technology savvy, and roles at the C-level are starting to shift allowing for CTO’s and CIO’s to engage in strategic planning.  

Whatever benefits or impact cloud has on your organization – know that it goes above and beyond just technology. It also influences the strategic direction and financial success of companies everywhere. Just as you wouldn’t trust your company’s future to just anyone – choose the right cloud provider that will take you beyond the buzzwords – check out our guide to learn more.

The CIO's Guide to Implementing a Cloud Solution