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7 Ways Managed IT Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

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7 Ways Managed IT Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

Given the rapid pace of change across the technology landscape, few businesses are able to sustain an effective in-house IT effort over the long haul.

A number of factors work against the enterprise that tries to tackle IT on a purely in-house basis. Qualified experts are in high demand and short supply, and they come with hefty salary expectations. When tech trends shift and new needs emerge, in-house experts may not have the expertise needed to adapt.

In this challenging environment, many find managed IT to be a practical solution, offering not just needed skills for today but also competitive advantages over time. How so? Let’s consider.

Increased efficiency. Effective IT support requires ongoing R&D, as well as sometimes complex implementations. A managed IT provider can leverage this experience across multiple end users, thus speeding deployments and making for more efficient use of resources.

Reduced costs. Outsourcing gives a business a predictable monthly cost, and because you’re paying only for the skills and labor you need, that cost typically can be lower than supporting an expensive in-house IT professional.

Risk mitigation. IT comes with a certain inherent degree of risk. What happens when systems glitch or problems go undetected? How do you deal with unexpected downtime? The managed IT provider will assume and manage much of this risk, applying deep industry knowledge to identify and manage potential vulnerabilities across the IT infrastructure.

Scalability. Your IT capacity needs to be able to grow with your business. An in-house team will be limited by the talents of its members and the number of professionals available. An outsourced IT provider on the other hand brings comprehensive expertise to the table, and an ability to draw in added talent and different skill sets as your business needs expand and evolve.

Agile operations and new technology. Agility is a watchword in IT today. This ability to adapt quickly to new technologies and put them into play effectively is a true competitive advantage. Here again it is the depth of the outsourced provider that generates the competitive edge. In-house teams may struggle to adopt new technologies while carrying the load of existing systems. Managed IT on the other hand can have able experts ready in the wings to help a business move with agility when new IT needs emerge.

Highly specialized skills. Not all IT needs are alike. Depending on the industry and the individual business, a range of highly specialized skills may be required in order to deliver technology solutions that ensure a competitive edge. Some obvious scenarios include systems that support financial and healthcare businesses, where heavy regulatory requirements may drive IT needs. Specialized IT support is pricey and hard to find: Sometimes it can’t be found at all. Managed IT services drive that competitive advantage by bringing highly specialized players when and where they are needed most.

Your staff can focus on initiatives that drive the business forward. Outsourced IT frees up key staff members to devote their time and attention to the needs of the business. It’s an often overlooked fact: When business try to manage IT in-house, technology often sprawls beyond the IT shop to become everyone’s problem. Leaders who should be focused on customer service, product development, and other key initiatives get bogged down worrying about server performance and system updates. By entrusting IT to a partner, business leaders regain their competitive edge by freeing themselves to focus on the business at hand.

As a trusted partner, a managed service provider is an IT firm that works collaboratively to support in-house business needs, delivering the software, hardware, and system support needed to help businesses stay one step ahead of the competition.

With subject-matter experts, deep bench strength, and the ability to leverage experience, managed IT can reduce costs and keep businesses current on the latest evolving technologies. All this adds up to a competitive edge in an increasingly IT-driven landscape.

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