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FNTS Partners with Pivotal to Help Businesses Develop Apps Faster

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First National Technology Solutions (FNTS), a leading provider of cloud services, has partnered with Pivotal to help businesses build and deploy brand new, cloud-based applications with innovative technology that is fast, affordable and secure.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry—the industry-leading cloud-native application platform—is now available in First National Technology Solutions’ cloud environment. This gives developers the ability to use modern technology to rapidly create, deploy and test the next generation of business-ready applications without having to invest in their own costly hardware. FNTS gives developers full visibility and control over their applications. Developers are free to update their apps instantly and securely, using a pay-as-you-go system.

According to Pivotal, more than 30 percent of Fortune 100 companies utilize Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Garmin, Ford, General Electric, Verizon and Home Depot are just a handful of the notable businesses that have transformed into software-driven companies with the help of Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Pivotal Cloud Foundry also is used by six of the ten largest carmakers; seven of the top ten banks; and half of the 10 largest insurance companies, according to Fortune.

Pivotal Companies update.pngThe software delivery model promoted by Pivotal Cloud Foundry differs from how many companies build and operate software today. It appeals to organizations that recognize the competitive impact of a premium software-driven user experience. FNTS and Pivotal Cloud Foundry provide users with the tools they need to automate IT processes and deploy applications rapidly. This approach allows companies to meet the high demands of their customers and stay ahead of the competition. By utilizing Pivotal Cloud Foundry through FNTS, developers avoid having to invest in their own operational support. FNTS offers customized contract terms and 24/7 personal support.

“By combining Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s speed and scalability with FNTS’ stable and highly secure infrastructure, our customers will have a seamless, integrated and cost-effective solution to stay competitive and meet demanding workloads,” said FNTS President, Kim Whittaker. “Before this approach, developers used services that required days or even weeks to build, deploy and test applications. PCF lets businesses update and release new features faster, while also lightening their workload and reducing chances for human error.”

Since 2011 Cloud Foundry has been a leading part of digital transformations. Businesses that have gone fully digital with the latest tech find they have a competitive, financial, strategic and cultural edge with increased efficiency and productivity. They stay ahead of the curve. Through FNTS, businesses that weren’t able to afford Pivotal Cloud Foundry are now provided with a more cost-effective way to connect to join other businesses that are moving towards full digital transformation.

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