1996 Flashback

A lot has changed in nearly two decades. In 1996, internet was on the rise, Windows NT 4.0 was released, DVDs were launched in Japan and my cell phone was a Motorola MicroTAC 650.

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Netflix & Cloud: Nothing to be Afraid of

Netflix, founded in 1997, is championed as the spearhead for “Cloud Computing v1.0.” But with great power comes great responsibility. Since it’s the first of its kind, it hasn’t quite worked out all the kinks. For example, in 2012 four outages occurred. These outages happened at the most inopportune times- like on Christmas Eve when your family has finally gathered around for the traditional yearly viewing of the classic Die Hard.

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Spooked by Technology

To keep with the theme of fear it seemed appropriate I write this week’s blog too since it is so close to Halloween.  Halloween, once referred to as All Hallows Eve, was celebrated by lighting bonfires and wearing scary costumes to ward off roaming ghosts.  Today it has evolved into more social gatherings, costumes and sweat treats, marking the beginning of fall, shorter days and colder nights.

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The Evolution of Disk Storage

Back in 1956, IBM introduced us to the first commercially available disk drive.  It stored 5MB of data, weighed over a ton, and could be leased for $3,200 a month.  Today, with the prevalence of solid state storage, you can fit a 128GB Flash Drive in your shirt pocket for under $100.
Although I wouldn’t store my most critical database on a $100 flash drive, it’s a testament to the advances we have seen within storage industry in a relatively short period of time.

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Lawrence Welk & IT Managers

For those of you around my age (uh… more than 40), you may remember your parents or grandparents watching The Lawrence Welk Show on Saturday Evenings.  If you are not familiar with Lawrence, allow me to educate.

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