PCI and Cloud: How to Safely Store Cardholder Data

Many of you may be a little nervous about placing cardholder data in the “Cloud”.  Don’t worry-this is a normal and welcomed concern.  In February 2013, the PCI Security Standards Council released an Information Supplement titled PCI DSS Cloud Computing Guidelines.  This supplement provides organizations guidance if they are going to be placing cardholder data in the “Cloud”.

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When Email Attacks

How many of us receive e-mail on a monthly basis from our financial institution?  With the technology that we have today I am guessing that most of us receive statement notifications electronically instead of via the post office.  How many of us can actually tell whether or not the e-mail received is legitimate or from someone trying to obtain the username and password to your account?  There are a few signs that you should look for before clicking on a link in any e-mail you receive.

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Are you Prepared to BYOD?

The acronym BYOD or Bring Your Own Device, is taking the business world by storm.

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