Free Guide to Cloud Object Storage

Meet the massive challenge of data growth without a hardware investment with our step-by-step guide.

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70% of IT professionals say their storage needs will increase over the next year, while budgets remain flat. In this guide, you'll learn how to:

Achieve a more cost-effective approach to data storage

Overcome long-term data retention challenges


Scale billions of files with unlimited capacity

Cloud Object Storage: Smart. Simple. Secure.


Worry-free scalability with unlimited apps, users and files.


Active architecture, multi-site, single global namespace enables access to content from any application or device.


Multiple front end appliances, software and storage arrays exist that integrate together seamlessly and utilize cloud object based storage for an extra cold data tier.


Options for client side encryption methods allow for objects to be encrypted when written to cloud object storage.

If your business faces these challenges, embrace a new way to store data:

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Manage data lifecycle and long-term retention policies across archive silos and sites


Cost effectively manage or scale storage to support growth of unstructured data


Traditional storage is not suited for new web, mobile and cloud applications

Uncover the Secrets of Cloud Object Storage

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