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Working with a myriad of companies from different industries, it is fascinating to discover why they adopted cloud and infrastructure-as-a-service. Commonly, companies want to focus on its capital and technical resources, business initiatives and growth projects. They do not want to put time and energy into computer hardware and day-to-day support needs

In which category do you fit?

Retailer This business expressed interest in using capital on acquiring a new store, not to refresh their dated servers and storage.

Software Company This organization in particular wanted to roll out Software-as-a-Service and focus their IT resources on the enhancement of their software application, not the day-to-day support of the servers and backups.

Manufacturing Company Rather than focusing on server patching, server upgrades, and hardware purchases this company sought to focus their IT personnel on new process improvements, new application deployments and improved productivity with manufacturing.

Mainframe Customer This client wanted their IT staff focused on moving the applications to a different hardware platform.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service is the direction IT delivery is heading. Everyone from Fortune 100 companies to small start-ups is embracing this trend wholeheartedly.

Being in IT service delivery for the past 17 years, it has been a fun ride watching how Infrastructure-as-a-Service is reshaping IT. Can’t wait to see what the next 17 will bring!