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Service Level Agreements: an agreement for excellence

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It’s important for customers to trust information which is shared with them, and First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) is setting the right expectation with clients as they’re coming on board. This is especially true in regards to Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

In working through contracts, SLAs are developed specially for each client. This process typically begins with a baseline agreement, but this is flexible. In working with customers, the SLA can be refined to make sure it meets the customer’s objectives and needs.

As a result, it’s very common for FNTS to have SLAs around uptime, availability, the network, the data center, and the supported systems.

Another common agreement involves terms for financial credits if SLAs are missed. If an SLA, then FNTS pays back a financial credit to the customer. There’s money on the line for FNTS.

Furthermore, if SLAs are being missed repeatedly, customers have the ability to terminate a contract without any penalty. This ability is offered because there’s a lot of confidence in FNTS’ ability to deliver a high level of service. Ultimately, the high standard is not being met, it’s not going to be a good long term relationship for either party. Despite this ability, FNTS’ track record has proven to be very successful.  A customer has yet to cancel a contract because of missed SLA.

One of the biggest compliments received was when a customer reported everything which had been communicated in the sales process is what occurred and what he experienced. This demonstrates FNTS’ commitment to the customer, and what was originally promised in the sales process.

It’s important for a relationship between two parties to feature trust and a sense of looking out for the customer’s best interest. This is how First National Technology Solutions operates. 

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