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Ticketing: What you need to know

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As a service provider, ticketing is really the backbone of First National Technology Solutions (FNTS). Any request that a customer inputs, or any alert that the company receives requires a ticket.

The ticketing process obviously begins with the customer and our alerting tool, but then advances to the command center. It is here where a ticket is opened, and assigned to the correct engineering team. That team will then assign it to a specific engineer who helps resolve that item for them. With any luck, the customer’s issue will then be solved.

What customers may not know about the ticketing process is that FNTS has a self-service function. This system promotes user interaction, and allows customers to input tickets themselves. Utilizing this tool can save the time it might take to communicate to the corresponding account manager or engineering team. By inputting a ticket themselves, customers can save quite a bit of time over the long haul, and put the exact amount of detail they want into the ticket.

Right now there aren’t too many customers who utilize this tool, but it is available to those who want to can use it.

Another hint in optimizing the ticketing process is by using the FNTS mobile app. It’s available on the App Store and Google Play, and you can open a ticket on that platform as well.

FNTS is continually growing and making new initiatives with our service desk management system, and we’re looking forward to unveiling new developments in the future. 

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